Fall is here: Perfect reason for new clothing


Fall is finally here!  Which means it’s time to break out our hoodies, long sleeved shirts, and pants.  Though being in S. California some would say we are still having lovely “summer” weather; however, there is just enough nip in the air in the mornings that I feel the need to bundle my kiddos up a little more and sip hot tea or hot coco.

In any case, S needed some new shirts to brighten his wardrobe in some of his favorite colors, blue and green.  I chose to do a short sleeved option since we layer with baby legs for arm warmers or just throw on a light jacket.  Long sleeves seem to be an issue for him with hand washing for as soon as the sleeves get wet he wants the shirt OFF!

For his shirt, I used Figgy’s Tee for Two, a pattern I have returned to time and time again.  S loves the softness of knit and I love how quickly these sew up.  I think I’ve now made 4 or 5 of them and eventually will do the dress option for V (not that she’s hurting in the dress department, I’ve yet again run out of hangers for her!).  Next for these shirts will be a bit of stenciling, I think, but that will have to be a mommy/son project for another day, after he decides exactly what it is he wants on his shirt!

Figgy's Tee for Two-- That's What She Crafted

S was also in need of a new fun pair of pants.  The kid definitely had a growth spurt over the summer as his pants he wore in the spring are now just the right length instead of dragging along on the floor.  I turned to Blank Slate’s Coastal Cargos as I made a pair in a clothing swap I participated in and loved how they came out for the other child so naturally I needed to make my own child a pair too!

Blank Slate Coastal Cargos, pant length-- That's What She Crafted

Now what does every 3.5 year old boy NEED in his wardrobe?  Pants WITH pockets.  S loves pockets and these cargos do not fail.  Scared of pockets and don’t have a highly opinionated preschooler?  Leave the pockets off!  I love the detailed instructions for getting a great look for the front pockets, back welt pockets, and side cargo pockets.  All are definitely kid sized and will fit those very needed items of trains, cars, and nature’s treasures (eh hem, rocks or bits of tree bark).  My only qualm with the pattern is that the pieces do not have the grainline direction included on them and the pattern instructions do not have a diagram assisting with the layout for cutting out the pieces.  However, this pattern is rated for an intermediate sewer so perhaps those skills are assumed to be had to be able to figure it out yourself, which I did pretty easily even with my “beginner” sewing status.

With this pair, I did all the lining with a bit of left over Hungry Caterpillar Dots that I had laying around still from another project.  S loves all the colors and loves the story too so it’s a win for him as well to know he has a touch of color in his pockets and along his inner waistband.  For the pants, I just bought “bottom weight” cotton material from Joann’s when it was on sale in a khaki coloring that acceptable for S’s school uniform (they are required to wear a polo top but for shorts/ pants they just request navy or khaki coloring).  Dark brown for the bias tape which makes these pants look oh so nicely finished!

I did include the roll up option mostly because we live relatively close to the beach.  S HATES when his clothing gets wet and insists on taking it all off if it does so these roll up to the perfect height to stay dry while allowing him to play in the waves as they roll up to his ankles.

Little boys always seem to get the shaft when it comes to cute patterns so I’m so happy to give my little guy something he loves: a bit of color and comfort.  And now I shall go set the tea kettle on, I think I need another cup of tea.



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