Lola! BAM!


It’s my turn to Lola!  Don’t I look AWESOME?  You know…awesome enough to win?!?!?  I do, you know it.  Let me sell you on it a little….


Not only is The Lola CUTE, not only is it easy to sew, but it’s also so effing comfy.  “HOW comfy??!?!” you ask?  Well, I’m calling it my PMS Dress.  You know those times you feel awful and just want to murder your uterus?  Well, the Lola is great for those days!

Demon Uterus Collage

But that’s not all folks!  Check out these pockets!

If you’re having cravings, the Lola pockets hold an ample supply of ice cream


Need a Tampon?  Never run out!  The Lola has pockets big enough for 2 large boxes!


Just had enough of your emotional & crappy day?  No problem!  The Lola can hold copious amounts of liquor- Drink the pain away! (healthy message right there)


Get yourself a Lola!  Your body & mind will thank you


This advertisement blogged to you by the “She” with the most mental issues: Crystal

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  1. HAHAHAHA oh my, I’m so glad you don’t get periods while pregnant (wouldn’t THAT be a double whammy?). I still remember the not so good ol’ days of when I did and this basically sums it up. Love your lola lady!

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