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Wow! I am blown away with our lovely and witty Lola’s! If you haven’t read all the awesome posts, take a moment to take in all the many awesome reasons why this dress pattern is for you!

Lola Off

1- Her name was Lola. She was a Showgirl

2- Hello LOLA! Mee-ow!

3- Lola! BAM!

4- 50 Shades of Lola

THEN after composing yourself (good luck!) make sure to vote for your fav and enter the giveaway to win your very own PDF copy of the Lola!
I feel like one of the girls off Wheel of fortune here!

Alright, alright, and now onto the main course!! Enter to win your very own Lola PDF!!

********* ENTER——–>  a Rafflecopter giveaway <——–ENTER *********

Or you can buy it here at Victory Pattern Shop!!

Otherwise you get to be like me. Sad sad sad, that I don’t have a Lola!