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Meet the SHE: Jenn


Hey All!

My name is Jenn. I love love love to selfish sew! (and thankfully have a job that encourages this) I also have 2 girlies that I love to sew for, a 3yr old and a 1yr old. I am trying to get myself to stretch some comfort zones and sew a little for the husband this winter and also some soft toys.

just me masked

I started sewing when I had my oldest as I wanted her to have cute things but couldn’t fund them all. I was soooooo bad when I started, mainly because I was scared I would hate sewing in the end and didn’t want to “waste” money on patterns! lol. Don’t worry – that ship has LONG sailed!!! I now know the value of a good pattern! You really should see some of that first sewing I did… I wish I had kept some of those pictures!

Not too sure what else to say about myself to be honest… How about a random fact? I told my husband when we were starting to get serious that I really don’t like getting flowers ad he should rather save the flower $ for a pair of shoes instead of wasting it on flowers. My mom thinks I am crazy for that…. You probably do too… Please tell me I’m not the only one who would rather have something that will last and get use rather than flowers.

I’m so excited to be on this blogging adventure with some great friends! I’m looking forward to getting to know you readers and get people involved and to challenge myself!

ps. Feel free to comment on here with a little random fact about yourself or why you started sewing tidbit 🙂


Meet the SHE: Karly


Hi! I’m Karly and I usually blog over at Zafarani. I have 5 little monkeys that jump on my bed (and everywhere else) and they keep me pretty busy.

 5 little monkeys

 I got my first sewing machine at the age of 20 when my oldest was 6 months old. I started off with simple blankets and quickly learned to make quilts and made and sold crib sets for a while. Sewing was touch and go at times cause of life, but once I had all 3 of my girls, clothing started being made and now I’m working on making patterns to sell!  I think I have earned the title “Sewing Addict”.


I love sharing my love of crafts with others. While at the Sewing Summit (so fun!) I heard this quote in a class:

“You are an authentic and unique individual and therefore have no competition.”

That is exactly how I feel about the sewing world! We all have a unique view and so much to share.


I’ve been so excited to start this blog with my super crafty friends, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much we do!

Meet the SHE: Ginger D!


WAAAASUP everybody?  I’m Crystal!  You may know me as the blogger over at Ginger Dimples…and you may not.  I’m not really THAT famous.  I’m a mom of 2 living in the desert and wishing it was the ocean.   My girl is 4 and her name is Aurelia and my boy, Obren,  is 18 months old. I started sewing almost 4 years ago because I was cloth diapering my girl and was too cheap to buy cute diapers.  I started making my own and then moved onto clothing and haven’t looked back!  I now spend way too much time at my sewing machine making people think I’m way more awesome than I am.  I love to sing, sew and snack…perfect for blogging.  I enjoy sewing for myself, too and my best pics are selfies taken in the bathroom- flushed toilets only.


I hope you like what we have to offer here at “That’s What SHE Crafted”.  The aim and goal is to have fun and be a big network of girlfriends making each other jealous with our projects and making each other fat with our recipes…all while making each other empty the bank accounts for more crafting supplies.  Pull up a chair, sit back, relax and maybe keep a clean pair of panties close by in case you laugh a little too hard.

Much love and smoochies, too


Meet the SHE- Vievey!

Meet the SHE- Vievey!

I’m Genevieve affectionately known by my friends behind the screen as Vievey or Viever. I have two rugrats, Little Boy S and Baby Girl V. They both keep me on my toes with all the new things they get into and activities they have going on. My craftiness currently revolves around them and honestly so does everything else!

With the encouragement of one of my knitting friends, I branched out from my knitting needles and crochet hook after the birth of my wee girl and pulled out my sewing machine and serger both of which had been gathering dust (and the serger though owned by me for 2 years had only seen the inside of it’s own box). So I am a self described “newbie sewer.” I have lots of flubs, nubs, and own two seam rippers because I’m constantly misplacing them. All the same, I love learning new techniques and trying new patterns creating things for my kiddos and occasionally for myself (maybe one day Mr. Viever will get some clothing as well though he’s turned down every offer of me knitting for him, the silly man). I dive into “advanced” sewing and knitting projects with my trusty laptop at my side with google and youtube pulled up as lifelines.

Other interests include cooking (when it’s not a million degrees in my home), finding new fun ways to play with my kids (their current favorite game is using our couch as a pretend swimming pool), making learning fun (did I mention in my “previous” life I was an elementary school teacher?), being active (most recently in relay triathlons with Mr. Viever), reading, and anything else that may hold my attention.

As part of this 4 woman crew, I’m super excited to see where this will all lead us.  I know I’ll be learning tons from my fellow SHE’s and I hope you stop on back to see more of what we have to offer in the coming days.