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Painting Pumpkins


Hey! I’m here to show off one of our most favorite Halloween traditions. Back in 2010 during October, we were debating how to make our pumpkins. The kids were too young to be allowed to carve and well, carving pumpkins wasn’t all that fun. Aevarie didn’t like pulling out seeds (it was far too gross) and there isn’t much else she could do. So my mother had the brilliant idea to paint our pumpkins instead. Perfect! And a tradition was born!

2010 painting pumpkins

This tradition also started a “paint yourself along with your pumpkin” tradition.

2011 pumpkin painting

We just use regular acrylic paint and random paintbrushes.  Both you can get at any Walmart, Target, etc for super cheap. And remember to make sure your kids wear clothes you don’t care about. The paint will not come out! It is also good to get paper plates and cups of water for the kids to put paint on and wash their brushes out with. You may also want to not actually let the kids have power over the paint…..I’ve let my kids and oh my the mess!

2012 pumpkin painting

 Gavin has started “carving” his pumpkins, but the girls are still too little.

 This year was even better because we were able to use our “wishful thinking” pumpkins that just popped up and grew in our garden. 😀

2013 pumpkin painting

And you may be asking, is that Paisley in a pair of Matilda Jane leggings??? Why on earth would I allow her to paint in those. Well, sadly those are the ones Paisley decided to cut a huge chunk out of and I couldn’t find any other pants for her to wear quickly enough. So, I’m not totally crazy and you may breath again.

 This is one of my kids most favorite traditions we have.

Thanks for letting us share with you!

– Karly

Note: The kids were supervised and no paint was eaten or ingested. Safety second folks! You know, because “fun” is first. And they all received showers right after this to get them all sparkling clean again. 😉