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Pattern Anthology


pattern anthology

I was somehow able to test not 1, not 2, but 5 of the patterns from Pattern Anthology’s new Winter Wonderland release.  I think it was a stroke of luck, because I really love these patterns!

We’ll start off with the Johnny B Good Hoodie

johnny b good

The first one I made was with a hood lined with knit.  I love the hood option. It’s such a fun twist! The second one, I made with the shoulder patches.

I did both in short sleeve and with the snow falling on the ground, you may be thinking that I’ve lost my marbles. I layer a lot, so I love that they are short sleeved and that way can still be worn when summer comes. I have found with my oldest that I can usually get almost 2 years out of a button up shirt, so I almost always make them short sleeved!

I know a lot of people may be intimidated by button up shirts, but they shouldn’t be. These were pretty easy to put together and the time part is more of ironing interfacing onto a few pieces. They really do look a lot harder then they are!

sweet bonnie

The next pattern I tested was the Sweet Bonnie Top.

I really like the vintage feel this one has. It has a zipper closure in the back , peter pan collar and gathered sleeves at the cuffs. I did make 2 of these and have a third almost finished…..

Birkshire blazer and Holly pants

The next pattern I tested was the Berkshire Blazer. I haven’t figured out the right fabric for Judes yet, but that kid is getting one for sure. Melly does an awesome job with her tutorials and again, this is one that looks a lot more complicated then it really is.

I also tested the Holly Trousers (the pink pants paired with the blazer) and I know I didn’t get a great picture of them, but they are adorable! I am just itching to make the girls the shorts version. They have tons of cute tights and I love shorts with tights in the winter.

 I am also almost finished with the other Sweet Bonnie Top that is going to match this outfit and I can’t wait to get it done! It’s going to be gorgeous!!

tree climber pants

Then the last pattern I got to test was the Tree Climber Trousers. I hate picking favorites, but these are them. The pockets, the construction, I just love everything about them. I love the fit and three piece front with the reinforced knees….LOVE! I didn’t find any fabric that inspired me in the store, so I bought this heavier white canvas material (which is actually super soft) to dye afterwards, but I can’t for the life of me decide on a color. I kind of like the white too and can slightly get away with it with him being this age. I’m not saying you can do that with every 16 month old, but with Judes personality right now, it’s doable!

Is this collection worth it?? Oh Yes. I know I will for sure be making more of each of these patterns

Now, this collection is only offered as a whole at a discount for a couple of weeks so go here to purchase the whole collection.

Only have a little girl to sew for? You can get the Wonderland Collection here. The Amaryllis Dress and Juliet Capelet are part of the girls patterns and I didn’t get to test them, but you should check them out cause they are super cute.

Opposite and only have boys?  You can buy the Winter Collection here.  That collection sports an Aviator and Trapper hat Pattern I didn’t test as well, and I WANT.

Thank you so much Andrea, Shauna and Melly for letting me test your patterns!!

– Karly