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Knit 2, Purl 2


I’m a self taught knitter.  In college (fall 2005) I picked up a kit to make a capelet from Target thinking it would be fun to learn.  My college BFF was a knitter (taught by her mother or grandmother, I can’t remember) and I spent many evenings running down to her room (Okay, I’ll admit it I took the elevator, she was on the 2nd floor I was on the 7th floor) or IMing her on AIM (remember that?!) with an issue or a question.  Fast forward 4 years from then to the birth of my niece L and that would probably be when I picked up the knitting needles again post graduation from college.  I made her a blanket and baby booties and my in laws a baby blanket for their house when she was born.  I again picked up my needles for the birth of S to make him a baby blanket AND because I discovered the world of wool and cloth diapers. This is where my knitting frenzy took off.

S has many knitted soakers, shorties, longies, and sweaters all which V is now using.  But those are all in boyish or gender neutral colors.  After the birth of my girl, all the boy yarn I had left was sent off to a friend who was having a boy and I started acquiring girlie yarn.  And now I do a little show and tell as to what is fresh off my knitting needles and what projects I still have going on.

As you know V turned one this past weekend.  Well we have her pictures coming up this upcoming weekend.  So she needed something new and handmade from mommy.  Enter these adorable short-alls.  Yarn: Mosaic Moon’s Apple Picking w/Pink  Pattern: My Keiki Overalls

And for old time sake here’s a picture of S in his overalls.  Yarn:  Retro Baby’s Quinn

S's Keiki Overalls-- That's What She Crafted

Almost finished: Shorties  Yarn: Mosaic Moon’s Deep Space with Burple Trim  Pattern: EviePants All in One

Never ending:  I started the coat of many colors for MYSELF July 2012.  That’s right it’s been over a year and it’s not finished.  It will get finished eventually though but to get it done I really need to pick it up more often rather than always finding some other crafty thing to do.
Yarn: Malabrigo Azul Profundo

Next on my list:  Caelum with Mosaic Moon’s Maren for a friend’s little boy who will be turning two next month!  This yarn is just gorgeous!  I hope my friend and her little boy love it!

Mosaic Moon Maren-- That's What She Crafted

You probably picked up on a theme with the yarns.  I love Mosaic Moon’s colorways.  So vivid and bright!  There are so many more I wish I had but I’ve decided no more yarn until I’ve gone through what I have.  So far I’ve been pretty good but that’s probably because I’ve been avoiding going to my ravelry groups and looking at all the gorgeous creations!