WAAAASUP everybody?  I’m Crystal!  You may know me as the blogger over at Ginger Dimples…and you may not.  I’m not really THAT famous.  I’m a mom of 2 living in the desert and wishing it was the ocean.   My girl is 4 and her name is Aurelia and my boy, Obren,  is 18 months old. I started sewing almost 4 years ago because I was cloth diapering my girl and was too cheap to buy cute diapers.  I started making my own and then moved onto clothing and haven’t looked back!  I now spend way too much time at my sewing machine making people think I’m way more awesome than I am.  I love to sing, sew and snack…perfect for blogging.  I enjoy sewing for myself, too and my best pics are selfies taken in the bathroom- flushed toilets only.


I hope you like what we have to offer here at “That’s What SHE Crafted”.  The aim and goal is to have fun and be a big network of girlfriends making each other jealous with our projects and making each other fat with our recipes…all while making each other empty the bank accounts for more crafting supplies.  Pull up a chair, sit back, relax and maybe keep a clean pair of panties close by in case you laugh a little too hard.

Much love and smoochies, too



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