Here’s a breakdown of all the SHE’s believe:

1.) The SHE’s believe in fun, first and foremost. It’s crafting! It’s creative! It’s supposed to be fun
and frickin’ awesome. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and hopefully you’ll learn not to as
well. Take a seat and enjoy the ride.
2.) The SHE’s believe in YOU. Little blogs (and non-existent ones) can do BIG things! We have no illwill towards the big guys…heck we love ‘em and they’ve earned their success, but we also feel
that sometimes, some extraordinary talent gets left out in the shuffle. That’s no one’s fault- it’s
just the nature of the beast. We want to spotlight the SHE’s that are too busy to have their own
blogs, but pour themselves into their sewing with all of the intricacy, creativity and attention to
detail that the big dogs do. We know you’re out there and we want to help you shine!
3.) The SHE’s believe in friendly competition. FRIENDLY. We will have competitions involving
ourselves AND involving you. At the end of the day, though, it’s about creating for
yourselves….and maybe a prize or 2. There’s no favoritism either, so don’t even think that! I
can guarantee you, we’re going to wish we had your mad skillz sometimes, because we know
you have them
4.) The SHE’s believe in gentle honesty. Let’s be Frank (or Howard or Bill, whoever is cutest to you),
some patterns, craft kits, and tutorials are just not up to par. We will NOT bash anyone…not
gonna happen. But we will let you know if we’ve had a problem with something and we will
offer you ways to fix the problems. Our intent is never to hurt any business woman/man, but to
help the consumer make an informed purchase or get the most out of their dollar. No sugar
coating is allowed here, but no poop bags on doorsteps either. Gentle honesty and constructive
criticism…that’s what we’re sticking to.
5.) The SHE’s believe in HE’s. Huh?! Yep, we love the mens. We all have them. We all love them.
And we’d love to spotlight the crafty ones as well. If you have a crafty man in your life, let us
know and he may just be featured. Craftiness knows no gender!
6.) The SHE’s believe in full disclosure. Some of us make our own patterns to sell and some of us
represent other pattern companies. We promise never to push a biased agenda, HOWEVER,
naturally we are going to be a little biased. We have chosen the people we work for out of
admiration of their patterns and work ethic, so clearly we’re going to love them. We will NEVER
lie to you for sales, we will not push you off a cliff with sales pitches and we will never
manipulate because all of that stuff is for losers. Now, some of our dear friends sell patterns of
their own and obviously are going to be featured here. We are all close friends and want to see
each other succeed. The awesome part for you is that we’re close friends and make sure to tell
each other when something is complete crap, so it’s all fixed before anything is released. You
get the best here!
7.) The SHE’s believe in family. Sometimes we’ll have a lazy day…sometimes we’ll need a break.
Family is #1 to all of us and if someone ever has to walk away or take a sabbatical, rest assured
that there’s no drama. We are all just moms trying to make this work out. Sometimes it doesn’t
and sometimes it does.


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